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# What you need to know first
* You don't need to know how to code such a script to use
* Whatever you do, use it carefully. Bots are very fast, so they can destroy things fast too.
* If you execute your favorite script using `php scriptname.php` you will get guided through the script.
* If the bot asks you, how many seconds he should sleep: in case you type 3, you will approximately make 15 edits per minute, so calculate that first.
* In general if this is your first time you use this, or you use a new script, use a big value for sleep, so you can patrol all edits.
* In case there is something wrong, Strg+c kills the script. Don't worry, it can get reborn if you enter the php line again.
# Does the script work?
Uhm, depends on. In case you are using scripts from develop or master, or other branches with fancy names, always be careful. In the worst case they have not been tested yet. If you want to be sure that the scripts are working, use the scripts from the release branches. But stable scripts can have unexpected bugs as well, so control your bot from time to time. If you run into any issues, let us know, ![create an issue here.]( Have fun!
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