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First draft

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include './Core/BotCore.php';
/** AnserWikiBrowser.php
* Opens a page in a user-defined editor and let’s you do things.
* @Author KPFC
* @Version 0.1
* @Status Alpha
class AnserWikiBrowser extends Core {
public function AnserWikiBrowser ($Account, $Job, $pUseHTTPS = true) {
$this->initcurl($Account, $Job, $pUseHTTPS = true); //login
//ask for editor to use
$editor = $this->askOperator('Enter your favorit text editor:');
if (!$editor) {
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$editor = 'code'; //change this as you like
$exit = false;
$pagename = $this->askOperator('Enter the page to view:');
  • If you want to be user friendly here, you can let the user enter the name again if he submits an empty one.

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//create temporary file to edit
$page_tmp = tempnam(__DIR__, 'AnserBrowser_');
while (!$exit) {
$pagecontent = $this->readPage($pagename);
$action = "read";
$head[0] = "/* HEAD\n * PAGE: $pagename\n * ACTION: $action\n**/\n";
fwrite(fopen($page_tmp, 'a+'), $head[0] . $pagecontent);
if ($editor !== 'vi') {
popen($editor . ' ' . $page_tmp, "w");
} else {
echo "Please open $page_tmp with vi.";
echo "Replace \"ACTION: $action\" with the action you want to perform.\n";
echo "Replace \"PAGE: $pagename\" with the page you want to perform the action on.\n";
$action = $this->askOperator('Done?');
//read what to do from new file content
preg_match("~/\* HEAD\n \* PAGE: (.*)\n \* ACTION: (.*)\n\*\*/\n~", file_get_contents($page_tmp), $head);
$pagecontent = substr(file_get_contents($page_tmp), strlen($head[0]));
if ($action === "") {
$action = $head[2];
//save page
switch ($action) {
case "edit":
case "save":
case "e":
$this->editPage ($pagename, $pagecontent, $this->askOperator('Edit Summary:'));
echo "saved edit …\n";
case "read":
case "r":
case "history": //here has to be more
case "h":
case "move":
case "m":
$this->movePage ($pagename, $this->askOperator('New Pagename:'), $this->askOperator('Reason:'));
  • You may want to ask if the talkpage should be moved as well?

    And maybe for admins: Leave a redirect?

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case "purge":
case "*":
$this->purge ($pagename);
case "watch":
case "w":
$this->watch ($pagename);
case "delete":
case "d":
$this->deletePage ($pagename, $this->askOperator('Reason:'));
case "protect":
case "p":
$this->protectPage ($pagename, $this->askOperator('Reason:'), $this->askOperator('Protections:'), $this->askOperator('Expiry:'), $this->askOperator('Cascade:'));
case "quit":
case "exit":
case "q":
$exit = true;
$pagename = $head[1];
//delete temporary file
$Bot = new AnserWikiBrowser ('KPFC@test2wiki', 'Custom-Edit'); // Aufrufen der definierten Passwortdaten in Password.php
  • This code looks ok, the idea itself is nice. However, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. Maybe you already know the answer:

    • How user-friendly do you want to be? I mean, it can happen quickly that you hit enter to early and submit nothing, then it may be good for the user if the programm catches strings like ""
    • Do you want to allow unset summarys?
    • I want this to be as user-friendly as possible, so yes, this would be surely something I will add
    • I think unset summarys are not that bad (auto-summary is in some cases imo even better than a custom one), but I could prompt once if a user wants to submit an empty one, yes
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