Commit a4561785 authored by Luke081515's avatar Luke081515
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Merge branch '34-get-a-list-of-notifications' into 'master'

Resolve "get a list of notifications"

Closes #34

See merge request Cygnus/Cygnus!34
parents 3941495a 29522435
......@@ -360,6 +360,17 @@ class Core extends Password {
return $ret;
/** getEchoNotifications
* gets Notifications
* requires an installed echo extention in MediaWiki
* @author Freddy2001
* @returns Array with all notifications
public function getEchoNotifications() {
$echo = $this->httpRequest("action=query&format=json&meta=notifications", $this->job, 'GET');
$echo = json_decode($echo, true);
return $echo['query']['notifications']['list'];
/** editPageEngine
* internal method which does the edit. please use one of the following functions instead
* @param $title - name of the page
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