Commit 8629822d authored by Luke081515's avatar Luke081515
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Fix spelling of getAllEmbeddings

* Created a fatal for the old spelling to make the transition quick, since it is not difficult
parent feafdf27
......@@ -757,12 +757,22 @@ class Core extends Password {
return serialize($catResults);
/** getAllEmbedings
* Returns a note that the method should get renamed.
* Used Fatal instead of notice since renaming a method is not that difficult.
* @author Luke081515
* Should be removed at 2.2
public function getAllEmbedings($templ) {
throw new Exception ("This method is misspelled, this was the fault of the programmers, and"
. "have now been fixed. Please rename your method to 'getAllEmbeddings', then it will work again.");
/** getAllEmbeddings
* returns all embeddings of a page
* @author Luke081515
* @param name of the template
* @returns false if not embedded, otherwise serialized array with pagetitles
public function getAllEmbedings($templ) {
public function getAllEmbeddings($templ) {
$b = 0;
$Again = true;
while ($Again === true) {
......@@ -313,13 +313,13 @@ class Debug extends Core {
$this->processError($e, $starttime, $endtime);
case 'getAllEmbedings':
case 'getAllEmbeddings':
$required = array("templ");
$Param = $this->getParams($required);
$this->echoNotice('Starting the function call of getAllEmbedings...');
$this->echoNotice('Starting the function call of getAllEmbeddings...');
$starttime = microtime (true);
try {
$ret = $this->getAllEmbedings($Param[0]);
$ret = $this->getAllEmbeddings($Param[0]);
$endtime = microtime (true);
$this->processFunction($ret, $starttime, $endtime);
} catch (Exception $e) {
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