Commit 4b6ef9fc authored by Luke081515's avatar Luke081515

Merge branch 'debugfix' into 'master'

Fix removed functions at Debug

Closes #100

See merge request !109
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......@@ -8,17 +8,17 @@ require_once __DIR__ . '/BotCore.php';
class Debug extends Core {
public function __construct() {
$this->setSite($this->askRequired('Enter the domain to use:'));
$this->setUsername($this->askRequired('Enter the username to use:'));
$this->setPassword($this->askRequired('Enter the password to use:'));
$patchAnswer = $this->askRequired('Use a non default target? [y/N]');
$this->setSite($this->ask('Enter the domain to use:', 'required'));
$this->setUsername($this->ask('Enter the username to use:', 'required'));
$this->setPassword($this->ask('Enter the password to use:', 'required'));
$patchAnswer = $this->ask('Use a non default target? [y/N]', 'required');
if (strtolower($patchAnswer) !== 'n') {
$this->setTarget($this->askRequired('Enter the value for the target:'));
$this->setTarget($this->ask('Enter the value for the target:', 'required'));
} else {
$assert = $this->askRequired('Enter the value for assert:');
$debug = $this->askRequired('Use verbose debug mode? [y/N]');
$assert = $this->ask('Enter the value for assert:', 'required');
$debug = $this->ask('Use verbose debug mode? [y/N]', 'required');
if (strtolower($debug) !== 'n') {
$debug = true;
} else {
......@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@ class Debug extends Core {
$this->initcurlArgs('Debug', true, $assert, false, $debug);
do {
$this->debug($this->askRequired("Name of the function you want to debug:"));
$answer = $this->askRequired("Do you want to debug another function? [y/N]");
$this->debug($this->ask("Name of the function you want to debug:", "required"));
$answer = $this->ask("Do you want to debug another function? [y/N]", "required");
} while (strtolower($answer) !== 'n');
/** debug
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