Commit 4a78d7b6 authored by Luke081515's avatar Luke081515

Debug: Treat optional values as optional

* those values were treated as required values, but they are optional
parent 01c9700a
......@@ -529,8 +529,10 @@ class Debug extends Core {
case 'search':
$required = array("pattern", "ns", "prop", "limit", "offset", "what");
$Param = $this->getParams($required);
$required = array("pattern");
$optional = array("ns", "prop", "limit", "offset", "what");
$optvalues = array(0, "size|wordcount|timestamp|snippet", 50, 0, "text");
$Param = $this->getParams($required, $optional, $optvalues);
$this->echoNotice('Starting the function call of search...');
$starttime = microtime (true);
try {
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