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# Overview
Cygnus is a framework for writing a MediaWiki-Bot. It has no built in scripts that you can already use, you may find these at other repos.

# Features
Cygnus has already a lot of features, however it looks like we won't stop adding new features. Currently, we have a lot of API-functions implemented, like reading, writing, read only a section, edit only a section, move a page, get all pages of a category, get all embeddings of a template and in the new version you will find some sysop functions as well, like blocking a user.

# How to get help
Each function at BotCore and DBCore has a small documentation text, where you can find which params you have to use, or which return values you can except. We are working on writing a tutorial as well.

If you want to ask us, you may find us at ##Cygnus on freenode.

# How to contribute
You've found an issue with Cygnus, or want to request a feature? You can create an issue at [our issuetracker]( In case you've found a bug, please also mention which version you are currently using, and if possible a trace would be very useful as well.

We accept merge requests as well, you can simply fork the repo and create a merge request.